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Vision Statement

The company pioneering the future is always near by you.

It is pleasant to introduce Micron Precision Co., Ltd.
We have been making lots of efforts and promise to be the best in this field.


Micron Precision Co., Ltd. is committed to accomplishing following-stated visions.

The worldwide recognized top-notched value-engineering solution provider.
With the company-wide entrepreneurial spirit of uncompromised and strenuous pursuit of integrity, creativity and challenge, we endeavor to offer a wide variety of value-engineering solutions by deploying our excellent technology built From establishment to our customers to support them in achieving their goal of improving their ompetitiveness in terms of productivity and cost so as to establish the win-win business model.

The unparalleled leading manufacturer inthe micro precision mold industry for the new millenium age.
By utilizing our outstandingly creative design capability combined with the robust skill-set of workmanship and dedicated global after-service network, we take our pride in positioning our selves as a major contributor to expand a horizon of the micro precision mold industry so as to support our customers in upgrading their productivity.

The prominent solution house of automated production equipments in semiconductor industry.
With the advent of 300 mm wafer production technology, the rate of requirement of automation in production equipments in semiconductor industry is being accelerated under which context we endeavor to offer the unique and outstanding solution of automated production equipments by making most use of our competent technology.

The peerless competitive suppiler for high-end application of plastic injection molding parts in electronic industry.
By employing the exceptionally elaborate 3-D simulation design software and with the unique ultra-violet coating technology, we endeavor to offer the quality assured and reliability secured for high-end application of plastic injection molding parts in electronic industry.