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New Hard Chroming

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Introduction of New Hard-Chrome Plating
1 Subject - Hard Chrome Plating Technology
2 Purpose - To increase tool life time
- To decrease compound sticking to mold die
- To minimize resin & flash of mold die
3 Details 3-1. Current/Local situation of chrome plating capability
   - Thickness : Less than 1§­
   - Life time : Avg. 6 ~ 12 months (depends on the kind of compound)
3-2. MPC's new technology introduction
   - Thickness : 2~3§­
   - Life time : 2 to 3 times longer than local's
   - Plating Cost : Additional US$150~300 per Cav. Bar
H-Cr Thickness Measuring Points & Readings H-Cr Thickness Measuring Equipment [CMI X-Ray]